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Limited Edition

Our champagnes

Limited Edition

Some years are exceptional, they are the result of a complex alchemy
between man, the earth and climatic conditions.
During these years, we developed our collection of plots.
Cuvées produced in small quantities on our unique terroirs.

Hymne à L'Amour


Let yourself be transported into a world where every bubble evokes a love story, where every drop of Champagne tells an enchanting romance. Welcome to the universe of our Champagne Hymne à l’Amour, where passion and elegance meet in every glass.

Each bottle contains a symphony of flavors, a subtle balance between freshness and sweetness, between floral notes and delicate fruits. Every sip is a caress to the senses, an invitation to passion and complicity.

Whether to celebrate an anniversary, a marriage proposal, or simply to evoke love in everyday life, our Hymn to Love cuvée is the essential choice to elevate your most precious moments.

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Le noyer Cornail

Harvest 2020

At the heart of the Family Vineyard of Festigny, where the terroir expresses its quintessence, a treasure is born: Le Noyer Cornail, a rare gem crafted exclusively from Meunier.

Each bottle embodies the very essence of our story, capturing the richness of the soil and the distinctive character of Meunier.

At every stage of vinification, our expertise and commitment to excellence shine through. From hand-harvesting to fermentation in stainless steel tanks, every gesture is imbued with passion, preserving the authenticity and purity of our terroir.

The result offers notes of stone fruits mingling with spicy nuances. While the freshness invites a sensory journey into the soul of this region, filled with charm and authenticity.

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